Nancy Fortier


This is very normal for people, especially after the first time they’ve had a psychic mediumship reading.

And also, you may want to have sometime to reflect on the information that

was given to you as well. So one of the things that may happen to you, after you

have a psychic mediumship reading, is you may find that you are completely

elated. A lot of people get very excited because they were able to gain

some very valuable information comfort or closure from having such a

reading. It can be such a beneficial experience to be able to speak to your

relatives or loved ones or friends who are on the other side. You may also

experience the opposite affect, where you feel kind of sad, and drained.That’s normal as well, and  the reason some

people experience that feeling, or those feelings is simply because it’s over whelming.

When you miss someone so much andyou hear from them, that can cause this great

wave of guilt or sorrow.Those feelings are really rooted deep in love. Once

you’ve spoken to someone on the other side, you may realize how much you miss them,

and you want to be able to put your arms around them and give them a big hug. But

since they’re on the spirit plane, and you’re on the physical plane,you know that that’s something that can’t happen.

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