The Magician From the Celtic Dragon Tarot

The Magician From the Celtic Dragon Tarot

You are discovering how to use the laws of faith, and will-power to get what you need and desire.

Study and practice in a new career or spiritual path that attracts you.

Your thoughts and energies flow in harmony to accomplish what needs to be done.

This is an excellent time to gain self-control.

You may find that you feel blocked or your life just isn’t flowing the way you want it to.

Ask yourself whether you need to focus for a while on clear communication to release any blockages and open you to a new phase. 1

Meaning Realizing Your Dreams You
have the potential to realize your dreams.

If you can trust and let go of worries about
your life, creative energy can start to flow through you.

You can get to work on important and meaningful projects now.



God bless you

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium


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