Magical Map SHIFTER

Magical Map SHIFTER:

Today’s oracle card brings you a message that you are the architect of your own life.

You have the power within you to create your own reality.

Your thoughts, intentions, and emotions are all energy.

If you focus on all the negative aspects of your life, areas in which you are lacking, and focus on hopelessness, sadness, unfulfillment,

and pain, the Universe will bring you more toxic people, places, things, and situations that will negatively affect your life. It’s an endless cycle.

If you focus on being in a constant state of joy, happiness, passion, love, and enthusiasm towards your life,

the Universe will bring you more people, places, things, and situations which enhance your life.

Where are you in life? Are you happy? Fulfilled? Enthusiastic?

Do you wake up every morning excited?

If not, reflect on your thought patterns, intentions, and your emotions. Keep a journal.

You are where you are because you manifested yourself into that situation.

You can easily change it. Work from the inside out.

Once your inner energy changes, your old unhappy life will begin to fall away and will be replaced with a new passionate one.

Changing your energy takes time and patience. It’s not just a daily practice, it’s a lifestyle.


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