MAGIC: magic has a way of touching the heart

MAGIC: Your darling fairy guides desire that you SEEK the magic that is in front of you!

Are you stuck in a rut and cannot see past the junk in front of you?

Are you looking for that fun you crave but cannot find it?

Do you believe in magic or do you think it is just for kids?

Magic is everywhere and your inner child is craving YOU to see and feel the magic!

Have you gone to a children’s playground recently and did your heart tell you to get on that slide and squeal like a kid as you slide downward?

That is the Magic!!!

To feel in your heart and deep in your soul that fun, that letting your hair down kind of laughter!

You must find your magic no one can drop it into your lap! When you “create” that magic this brings to you incredible JOY

and that joy is your power, that power to move forward on your magical journey.

That magical journey is never dull, never dark, and never boring. WHY?

Because you do not know what is ahead of you and

YOU believe that what is ahead of you is more joy and there it is that MAGIC!

Blessings Be

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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