MAAT Fairness ” This situation will be handled in a fair

MAAT Fairness

“Being fair to yourself and others bring resolution between you.”

The Spirit is saying it is not worth wasting our energy over petty issues and allowing our shadows take over our beings.

Perfectionism might bite you today but put that energy into useful activities or errands that need extra love and attention.

This is also a supplement to yesterday’s guidance, “The Emperor.”

It is utmost to remain calm and collected.

Everyone you see is also struggling just like you.

Give everyone a fair shot to pick up pieces and an opportunity to get their act together including yourself.

That’s best kind of an unconditional love.

Within time and space, you’ll be back to your old self but renewed.

Harmonious relationship, job, home, mind, body, and spirit is extremely important today.

Being kind to yourself and others is essential not just for today but the rest of your life.

Strive for balance in each aspect of your life.

Honor others like you would honor yourself.

Namaste <3


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