The Lovers From Crystal Visions Tarot

The Lovers Keywords: – love, harmony, connection, making the choice, spiritual attraction, twin soul, completeness,

being drawn to, union, commitment, affinity, dilemma, temptation, seeking wholeness.

The Lovers card is about one person being “in love” with someone or something.

The Lovers is also about the choices we have and paths we choose.

The Love and spiritual attraction we succumb to, usually comes with the cost we are aware we have to pay when we make our choices.

When we feel powerfully drawn to the career, another person, or a challenge,

we make our choices and no matter how troublesome this chosen path can be, we are determined to follow it.

The consequences of the choice he must make are far-reaching and this is what this card is teaching us.

Love can make us break away from the rules, the law, community or religion.

The Lovers, therefore, symbolize the power that the spiritual connection of Love can have upon us and to what lengths we are prepared to go in order to follow this attraction.

Making the object or person we feel connection with a part of our life becomes our driving force.

This is what the card believes in, or we may regret later in life and forever for having doubts and not following the heart.

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