Loved One In HEAVEN

Loved One In HEAVEN:

Today, a loved one in heaven is working very closely with you!

I feel this is your guardian angel whom you’ve been very close to in other lifetimes, or a loved one who has passed in this lifetime and has chosen to return to guide you.

Your loved ones in heaven are happy and healthy!

They want to help you move forward with grace and to help ease you into your new way of life and loving.

They want you to know that you’re supported and so very loved, and they can’t wait for you to see all the wonderful things coming your way for your consistent work to stay in faith.

You’re reminded to notice synchronicity and signs that your loved ones are near.

Forgive everything and everyone, release any guilt or blame, and continue to make healthy choices.

You are surrounded by unconditional love right now! “We Love you!”?

“The angels want you to know that your loved one in heaven is drawing extremely close to you and wants to help you heal anything remaining within your heart.

Take time now to acknowledge and remember them, for this will allow you to feel their love.

The energy of a loved one wants to help you move forward in a loving and safe way.

If there is someone on the other side whom you miss or have unfinished business with, this is your opportunity to make peace with them.

They are offering their love to help remove anything that’s holding you back and are asking you to not feel guilty about anything at all.

They have found Eternal peace in Heaven.”



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