Love GOD

Love GOD:

On the bottom of this card is “God.” Notice how simple yet exquisite this card is with just two profound words and the bright sunlight illuminating the sky.

God is Love and with His Love there is Light! In spiritual truth Love is all that truly exists. We all come from God which means we all come from Divine Love.

This is pure, unconditional, holy Love and it’s from this place of Love where souls are created. This is the reason we crave Love because we come from Love.

As a spiritual being, giving and receiving Love is very natural for us.

However, it’s not always so easy to give and receive Love as a human being.

This is because our human being is often times controlled by our ego which exists in our human mind.

Our ego has a tendency to be full of doubt, fear, worry, and all kinds of negativity.

And, negativity blocks Love because Love is positive and we cannot be negative and positive at the same time.

But, the good news is once we realize this, then we can learn to control our ego rather than letting our ego control us.

As soon as a negative thought enters our mind, then we can acknowledge it and choose to let it go and replace it with a positive thought.

The more we practice this, the more proficient we become at controlling our ego.

And, human Love is different from Divine Love.

As taught by many spiritual teachers, including the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, human Love changes and varies.

This means as humans we have a tendency to Love each other more or less depending on the circumstances which often times leads us to falling in and out of Love until we are united with that special person whom we share Divine Love.

Soul mate and Twin Soul relationships are almost always based on Divine Love, but we can give and receive Divine Love in all kinds of relationships.

Unlike human Love, Divine Love never changes and never varies. It’s constant and infinite. It’s always there….ALWAYS.

This is because God is Divine Love and the Love God has for all of us never changes and never varies. So, this week we are being asked to focus on Love….

God’s Love for us and everything in this Universe, God’s Love within us, and our Love for God and everyone and everything in this Universe.

And, the more we Love ourselves, the more we Love God and this creates more Love to give.

Our true heart’s desire is to give and receive Love….

not so much the temporary human kind that comes and goes, but the Divine kind that comes and stays infinitely….

the kind that is Always, Forever, and Beyond. So, this is a beautiful message of Love for this holy weekend.


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