Look For a SIGN

Look For a SIGN:

The angels have been urging me to share this message with you now …

“Look for a Sign”

Whatever you may be facing today, or in recent time, the angels are with you.

They hear & are acknowledging the question that you’re wondering, or concerned about.

Give the angels your worries, fears, & anxiety, These are lower vibrational energies that don’t serve you any purpose.

Archangels Michael & Raphael will certainly stand by your side & take these from you. Just ask.

Even though you can’t physically see the angels, believe they are surrounding you every step of the way. Look for signs … i.e.

– Feathers

– Coins

– Butterflies

– or any event, person, word(s), etc. that indicate & reference the source of your question/concern.

These aren’t “coincidences”, but the angels working on your behalf to let you know they are near!

Pretty cool, huh?!?

Angel Prescription/Rx: Be aware of the signs.

Blessings, Love, & Light


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