LIGHT – Imagine Yourself As A Being Composed of ENERGY

LIGHT – Imagine Yourself As A Being Composed of ENERGY:

There is a deep transformation going on.

Intuition is also heightened. It is very important to pay attention very carefully to the intuitive nudges and messages today.

Deep inner fire is igniting and it’ll burn bigger as you go toward what is integrity to you.

Make no apologies or explanations for following through it.

You are an embody of light. Make a choice that is based on authentically self. Deep in your core.

That is without shadows, noises and distractions from the external surroundings.

Dig deep into your heart. You know there is something calling you to embodies your truth.

That’s your intuitive nudge.

If you’re being nudge to do something radical with your life, do so.

Your light is pulling you toward your destined path. It doesn’t have to make sense but follow it regardless.

Vulnerability also bring you closer to your heart.

It is like a lion’s courageous heart for doing what’s integrity, compassion, and forgiving.

You are aligning your heart with your truth.


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