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Life Is Magical

Life Is Magical:

Page of Air (Swords), The Magician, The Wheel, and the jumping card- Nine of Earth (Pentacles, reversed)

Wow…Wow… those cards are incredible. Page of Air is a bringer of message about expanding your visualization of your new future.

You are moving into the new future. Today you can dream as big as you can and work toward it.

This is a magical time receiving insights from the above and using your magic to manifest your future (The Magician).

You need to get ready to jump into the new future as if no fears are holding you back because the doors have open up for you. You are about to embark on an exciting and whirlwind karmic ride of your life (The Wheel).

Do not overanalyze or get lost in the details because that’s from a place of fears (Nine of Earth, reversed).

Get ambitious about your dreams.

Today you have to listen to receive ideas, inspiration, and guidance about how to grab the reins to go on an amazing journey where you’ll have to utilize your courage and strength to overcome the biggest hurdle of your life.

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