Let go of perfection. Its good Enough. and so are you

Let go of perfection: Your elemental and angel guides ask that you let go of that wanting perfection and just go with the flow.

Are you striving for perfection in your life because you feel that you have got to have total control?

Why is this have you asked yourself why the need for perfection?

Did you know that to NEED is the negative and DESIRED is the positive?

Is perfection desired or can you just let go and know in your heart that you are doing the best that you can in life.

When you strive for perfection this can stress you out that

needing for total perfection can cause health issues plus an unhappy life.

When you feel that you have got to be perfect in everything you are really telling yourself that you

are not good enough and so you got to do better then everyone!

YOU are good enough in fact you are a wonderful loving human being with much to give to the world so relax,

let go of that control and that perfection thing going on and enjoy life!

Repeat after me, “I AM THAT GOOD ENOUGH, I AM” ,

now you are ready to start your day blessings be <3

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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