Learning Experience

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Everything that we do in life is a learning experience, the problems that we go through, the positive experiences of life, is all part of our great learning experience.

There are times when we don’t see what we need to learn, and when that happens history will keep repeating itself, we keep having this experience until we acknowledge it and we let it go and learn from it, once that has happened there is no reason why we should learn from that experience again.


So if you are finding that something is repeating itself in your life, take a look at it, look at what you have not been learning, accept it, let it go and make sure that you do not allow that to happen again in the future.

It’s a matter of learning valuable qualities such as forgiveness, patience, inner strength, willpower and perseverance. There is also a situation right now where you can shine more brightly and stand out from the crowd.

Your Angel around you right now is going to help you to see situations around you in a more positive light, they will help you to identify what has been the root cause of your problems of late and help you to sort them out, let go of unwanted patterns.

Nancy Fortier Pyschic Medium xxxx

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