The energy that you radiate reflects directly back to you … Like attracts like.

This is a general rule within the Universe (& chemistry for those of us that have taken many a course!).

– This card clearly is the next step & most logical from the previous cards drawn since the start of this week!

Keep your energy high & uplifted. What does this mean?

It means that the more you think, feel, & believe positive thoughts, feelings, & do positive actions … you will attract more of the same.

Negativity weighs you down & brings more troubles. We certainly don’t want that.

The Universe will match what you give, so do your best to stay in positivity.

I know firsthand how difficult this is – especially during challenging times in our life, but the payoff is priceless!

Whatever the circumstance, desire, situation … have a feeling of GRATITUDE.

*Feel (& believe) as if your desire(s), situation, etc., has already manifested itself to you in present time.

Finally, stay in this feeling & let go …

Give this to God, angels, & the Universe to take care of the rest.

The more you operate in this manner, your goals, dreams, desires will come to you like magic!

Worrying about the “How; When; Where; etc” will only impede this process.

These details are not of concern to you.

ANGEL RX: Ask your angels for help to stay positive. They will certainly stand by your side all the way.

Say/think positive affirmations, pray to God, etc.


Blessings, Light, & Love


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