Join In (Today Pick)

Join In: It’s about committing to let go of the old ways of forming,

creating and engaging in relationships and about COMMITTING to new relationships that bring joy and EASE into your world.

It’s about finding a community of people who support you and your life goals,

who allow you to be you without judgement and who stand by you even when you’re at your worst while trying to make changes to be your best.

This card is about committing to making changes for yourself to the relationships you’ve already

established in your life by either letting go of one’s that no longer work for you and doing so in a graceful manner,

by setting new boundaries in relationships already established to help them change into something more beautiful and by committing

to only allowing new relationships in your life that reflect the kind of person you are and are working towards being.

This energy is about finding people who love and support you in

ALL that you do and who NEVER give up on you even if you wouldn’t Blame them if they did.

What commitment are you going to make to yourself and others in the area of relationships today?

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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