Isis, Past Life And Mawu, Mother Earth

Isis, Past Life And Mawu, Mother Earth:

I was guided to work with the goddesses today.

I’m getting all sorts of powerful energies today.

What I’m getting from Isis and Mawu is that we need to read the books our ancestors read that’s the first thing I heard so it’s possible that we connected with our ancestors in our past lives and another thing I’m getting is for those who are feeling confused about why your thoughts are the way they are

you need to look into your akashic records and you’ll get a better clearer understanding as to what’s up with your life right now

the pictures from this book will help you connect to the unknown easier so look into this

You have many lessons from your past lives that need to be uncovered which has to do with love

but love for yourself and also your love of all things earthly and environmentalism come from some of your lives

You’ve been called to take an active duty with taking care of the earth’s atmosphere so when you’re studying the earth you easily have an idea as to what’s going on with the chaotic weather patterns regardless if you’ve actually gone to school to study it

Also what I’m getting is that you’re needing to stick to places where you can meditate easier
nature and grounding with the earth energy will help you uncover what’s needing to be shown to you

You have a deeper connection to trees and plants as they help you to clear your energy

Study your past lives and focus on earthly happiness and how you can make it a healthier place to live

Be proactive but teach others who may be misinformed about what’s really going on with this issue

There’s a lot of misunderstandings as to what’s actually happening and you have the ability to help others understand what the truth is

That’s your calling so get involved with this and have fun

Hold the earth in the palm of your hands and heart and share your wisdom with others who don’t understand

You’re an earthly angelic teacher and you’ve got the facts so use them

and let mother earth help you to move forward with this path


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