Infinite Abundance, You’re fully supported as you devote yourself to your Divine life purpose.

Infinite Abundance:

This beautiful card comes to comfort and reassure you.

It is letting you know that as you focus on your life purpose and on being of service, all your needs are being taken care of.

Follow your intuition with confidence and trust that the Universe has got your back, cause it does!

This abundance can come to you in unexpected ways, so release any need to try to know

and control the “how’s”, and instead devote your time and energy to following through on any guidance you receive and take action in that direction.

It is important to keep your thoughts, feelings and visions positive and uplifted, and to release any worry to God and the angels for healing.

Worrying is a waste of your precious energy and only serves to block the flow of abundance to you.

It is the same as praying, except with worry, you are praying for what you *DON’T* want!

Use prayer, affirmations, and visualization techniques to keep your thoughts and attitude positive and uplifted.

Affirm that you are financially secure and truly see yourself completely supported. Open your heart and mind to the infinite supply of the Universe.

Make sure to also take some quite time to go within and listen for the guidance that will come to you.

Be sure to take the action steps necessary for the Universe to open the gates of infinite abundance to you.

You are a beloved child of God and abundance is your birthright.

Know it and claim your abundance now!


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