Honour Your Feelings

Honour Your Feelings.

Sensitive people sometimes have a difficult time navigating through life.

You may feel so deeply that each and every emotion you feel brings you to tears of joy… or tears of disappointment, to shouting anger… or smoldering anger, to unbearable hurt over others’ challenges and situations… or loving compassion over others’ challenges and situations.

You get the idea. We just feel deeply… in our hearts, in our souls. It’s really okay. You’re not a cry-baby. You’re not a drama queen (or king). 1

It’s just the way you are. Thank heaven for this attribute.

It is a gift. It is definitely better to feel deeply than to not feel at all.

It makes life richer and fuller. Honor your feelings and honor yourself. Thank Spirit and Heaven for the fullness that empathy brings to your life.

Ask Archangel Haniel to support you in honoring your feelings.

Nancy Fortier Pyschic Medium

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