Honor And Trust Your FEELINGS

Honor And Trust Your FEELINGS:

This message repeated itself just like yesterday but for a very good reason.

It is apparent that protecting and honoring your boundaries are imperative.

This card appears to encourage you to take back what’s rightfully yours.

Balancing energies assures you to be firm yet loving about what you need and want out of a relationship.

Not just romantic relationship but also the relationship with yourself.

It is bringing the beauty back into your life and an opportunity to live your life beautifully and courageous.

I see there is an unhealthy situation or relationship in your life and it is your opportunity to make a courageous choice to move on from it.

Do not be afraid to look within and see how you truly feel.

Please do not disregard it as ‘nothing’ or ‘bumps in the road.’ Your intuition is alerting you.

If you find yourself feeling sad, overwhelmed, withdrawn, confused, guarded, or felt responsible, that’s your first red flag. Always honor your feelings.

Nonetheless, you are always guarded and protected.

You need to remember and know your worth.

This is your life and you have a right to live your life fearlessly with a vast of support behind you.

No one ever should have power over you but only you have the power to live safe and secure.

You also have the power to Love yourself enough and knowing you deserve the best kind of honor, respect, and Love.



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