Healthy Choices

Healthy Choices Thank You Angels for Guiding me to make healthy decisions.

You have asked your angel guides to help you make healthy choices.

Your angels are right there for you and are guiding you to choose healthy foods and exercise your body.

Have you noticed those little inner murmurings when you are about to stop and grab a quick lunch?

What is your body asking you to eat for now?

Did you know that your body will react to certain foods and this is letting you know it is a “go or no go to eat?”

When you make healthy choices with foods this will raise your vibration which keeps your body from becoming ill. screen-shot-2016-11-18-at-6-47-48-pm

You also will have more energy to get your projects done and in a happy manner to accomplish them.

Have you noticed when you eat healthy and exercise that this brings on that happy feeling?

There are many ways to get that exercise, walking out in nature, joining a gym, swimming, or dancing it gets the endorphin moving.

Did you also know that exercise and eating healthy foods keeps you young looking and feeling?

Choosing those healthy foods and exercise will make your day a brighter day

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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