Healing HEART

Healing HEART:

Wow, wow, what a beautiful card! Also a card that I never pulled.

This is such a positive card. I felt inspired and hopeful.

Right off the bat, I saw sparkly popping from this card. I see a such strong soul connection with one another.

For some reason, I see two souls sharing many past lives together.

They met once again in this lifetime with such familiarity but yet unfamiliar at the first connection.

Two souls were divinely guided to meet. Both needs each other.

The mature female is strong and a healer.

She touched the young male’s heart with her healing hand which in turns dissolved all the wounds from the heart and the young male grow into a man he is.

The male also touched her heart and she was taken back by it because she does not realize her heart also need to be healed.

Even though, she’s a healer but she need his love as well.

Just like you and everyone to open their heart to show one another love because it has the most powerful healing source more than anything else.

It takes a very small gesture to make someone’s day better or even the best day ever.

There’s nothing too small but more than enough to put hope in a person’s life.

A glimpse of love gesture shall make their eyes swell with tears and love.

God Blessings. ?


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