Call On Your Healer Guides

Call On Your Healer Guides: Energy of the Day

Today’s energy represents a time for emotional healing.

There are a lot of negative emotions coming up to be purged on the planet right now.

It’s extremely important that we allow them to surface and that we purge them instead of holding onto them.

When we hold onto negative emotions it impacts our physical bodies health as well as the amount of joy we experience on a daily basis.

These emotions will cloud our best and highest judgement and push us to make decisions that are unfulfulling.

Spirit is really asking you to ask your healer guides/angels and energies to help you through this tough time of negative energies to transform them into positive ones.


The word gratitude keeps coming up as I’m really drawn to the cornucopia in the card.

Ask for assistance with inner peace and serenity and ask for help in recognizing all the blessings you currently have to distract you from falling victim of the negative energies.

This is a reminder that until December 21, 2016, we will really have to push hard against the negative energies ESPECIALLY the energy of insecurity to propel forward. Now is the time to let your Spirit team help and guide you and show you the path AWAY from fear and doubt.

Open your awareness and recognize the synchronocities that the Universe is arranging for you.

Allow this healing so you can let in a new beginning that helps to build a solid foundation in your life for something new.


Nancy Fortier Psychic mEDIUM

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