Happy Changes.. This Card Is For You

This card is for you today . . . about changes.

Presently, our consciences consequently think the most dire outcome imaginable about “change,” yet the heavenly attendants are consoling us this is a Blessed Change. That implies two things:

1. This change is celestially requested, intended to be, and happening for a greater reason and reason.


2. Favors, Spiritual Growth, and critical life lessons will happen to this change.

In the current week’s perusing, the messages about change were clear: one entryway closes, and another opens. So it’s a period of giving up and pushing ahead, regardless of the possibility that that implies abandoning the old. screen-shot-2016-10-04-at-10-31-27-pm

Specifically, profession change to independent work is coming up solid. Working for yourself gives you more opportunity and dependability.

There might be a world occasion making huge change, too. We would all be able to implore that everything’s in awesome and impeccable request, and that any negative vitality is lifted and recuperated away.

Today, give any feelings of dread about change to God, and petition God for bolster, assurance, and direction for yourself and others encountering change.

If it’s not too much trouble go along with me in holding a positive vision of upbeat changes.

Have a super Day,

Continue sparkling brilliant!

Nancy Fortier <3



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