Ground Yourself – Being distracted, unfocused, tired.

Ground Yourself:

Nurture yourself back to Love. Nurture your spirit.

Nurture your heartaches. Settle down and regroup.

Don’t get hyped up by the thoughts running through your mind.

That’s a sign you are not connected to spirit and love.

Do not be afraid about where your thoughts are taking you.

The more you give it power, the more it’ll have power over you.

Take back your power and shift your mindset. Silence your rambling thoughts.

Breath in and out.

Be still. Set yourself free from the mental confinement.

You hold the power to transform your outer world by changing your perception.

It is a matter of removing the traumatic filter from your camera.

When you put in the love filter, you see nothing but beauty and love.

You do not have to do anything now but take care of yourself and solutions will come when they come.

Nurture yourself back to that individual with a lion’s heart and you’ll no longer fear anything because with faith and love, all is possible.


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