Giving And Receiving

Giving And Receiving : This card is very appropriate.

However, it is more about self-growth and self-awareness.

There is so much you can only tolerate and/or allow in your life.

It is not uncommon to have hostile relationship with family members;

however, you can choose to not allow them to rob your inner peace.

You can love them but you do not have to like them.

That’s you setting a healthy boundary for yourself for the sakes of your self-esteem and inner peace.

You can give respect and love but you do not have to receive hatred, bitterness, and hostility.

Giving and receiving is essential in keeping balance in check.

It is also important to listen to people dear to you empathically to ensure they feel heard and their needs met.

However, it is your life.

You can do whatever you like about how you want to live your life.

Being aware of your needs is also checking in with your spiritual needs.

Are you receiving enough?

Are you giving enough?

Receiving is as important as giving.

Giving your time, energy, and efforts can suck energy out of you fast but it can be managed by honoring your body signals.

Allow yourself to be receptive to space and time to gather your energy.

That refreshed energy allows you to continue on your journey fulfilling your goals.

Giving and receiving energy is a great tool signifies about how much you really honor your whole being.

If you find yourself feeling drained, overwhelmed, lonely, the balance of giving and receiving is out of proportion.

Are you allowing people, situations, or society to suck energy out of you?

Or perhaps you feel you are not worth of receiving?

Whatever the reason is, listen to what your spirit is telling you.

This is a significant time to reinvent what matters to you.

You deserve to be heard, loved, and honored.

Continue to be beautiful you and share love.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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