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#2- Amber-

“I am warmed by my inner fire to express my creativity”

– creativity is not a “whim” it stems from who we are, so don’t give up your own image

and vision of things because someone tells you it’s not what is seen in the real world.

Be bold, be different, have courage to go against the grain. If you keep thinking it’s too much then it will be, if you feel each step of the way then the journey won’t seem so long.

Give your head a shake, what makes you creative?

Not what others see as creative.

Choosing this message is good luck, in many forms of your own creativity.

Writing a book, falling in love, seeing life as a dance, this is creative.

What do you wish to accomplish? What does your imagination feel you!? What do you see?

Don’t look at what others see, no, this isn’t you, for you are one in the same.

Energy, creativity, mind blowing vision, that’s what it’s all about.

What is your vision, dig deep, don’t be like everyone else.

Now is the time to be more than you tell yourself you are. Let’s get to it, the world needs your creativity, your intuitive insight, your love.

#3- Pink Muscovite-

Is the reflection stone. It allows one to reflect on their past and present situations and gives one the opportunity to both acknowledge and eliminate any traits one wishes to detach from.

Mica(which is present in this stone crystal)provides for clarity in visions and self-reflection.

When we can love ourselves and reflect upon all that we feel inside, then we can let go of the image we wish to see on the outside.

Your reflection is that of you, all of you.

When your hard on yourself or trying to live up to an expectation that is ridiculous to your soul, then you will ultimately become more down on your reflection because of this.

Which trait do you wish was better?

Let me tell you that your perfect the way you are and you don’t need to live up to anything except for the image you wish to see inside.

Time to really stop focusing on the outer Appearance of life and form, take a deeper look at what’s laying beyond the surface of things and the surface of yourself.

We all have an outer image, but I’m sorry this is not what’s important, not is the image anyone else holds us to.

Your past made you, and your present is you, the future is who you are all wrapped into one.

Don’t be superficial, for all of you is what matters.

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