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#1- Fire Opal-

“I can tackle any problem head on with all that I am”- so fire opal relates to relationships, it is bringing awareness to that which limits us and that which we are stuck in a never ending battle of emotions.

It’s time to own up to your relationships, and be truthful to what they are to you.

The want for them to be more can sometimes limits exactly what they are.

What relationship is brining you down? Who do you feel is not resonating with what you are? ..

Don’t think them to be negative for that’s not what they are, we have a destiny and it is within us to know and feel what is good and what is right.

This applies to any situation or person that carries weight in our lives.

To be independent and live by your own rules, a set of rules that are your values and morals.

You know exactly who you are, and what you want deep down, so what holds you back? Where’s your passion for life lie?

Now is a good time to access all relationships and see what is a belief and what is nothing.

Don’t fear losing anything or anyone, for the most important thing is that you don’t lose yourself.

Let’s take a moment and look at every relationship in life, (career, family, and home) who is not fitting? And why? Have you lost yourself in their image of life?

You own your own soul, therefore you own your own feelings and thoughts.

What one sees as not fitting for the circumstance can be from the limiting perception they have;

you don’t have to accept this. Be more, do more and feel more.

Love is more than just a four letter word, love can be given to anyone, what ones sees as terrible does not mean it is has to be for you. Do you see possibility?

Growth? Change? This is what matters. It doesn’t matter who disapproves, what matters is do you? How do you feel?

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