Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

don’t hang onto the memory your material possession or object of affection has) –

This is a release time for you, the perfect time to change things around for the better.

Maybe it would help if you write a pros and cons list so you can better see the areas that need improvement or that are just not working anymore.

It’s time to let go of the old to make room for the new.

New ideas, thoughts, feelings, direction, people, situations and focus.

Time to step into a different part of your journey.



4 thoughts on “Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

  1. Wendy flood

    My mom has been in hospital with a heart condition and had to be cardioverted with the defibrillator. I had a dream just before she was defibrillated that she died during that defibrillation. She didn’t. I shrugged my shoulders and thought , yayy, my dream didn’t come true. She’s now had open heart surgery, and now she is being defibrillated tomorrow again. I have a gut ugly feeling she is going to die.


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