Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

Card D-

Emotions and feelings built up, life is at a standstill so you will stop and have a much needed release.

You may need to gradually release what is burdening you and you can do this by taking it one step at a time.

You may be feeling the winter blues, like you want to hibernate, but as you do this please take this valuable time to reflect upon what needs to go in your life.

Thoughts and feelings that no longer feel good to hold, relationships that are draining and controlling,

jobs that are not satisfying anymore and even material possessions that are cluttering up your space(possessions are acquired because in many ways they fill voids,

we’re not saying you shouldn’t have anything, but we are asking that you declutter;

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4 thoughts on “Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

  1. Wendy flood

    My mom has been in hospital with a heart condition and had to be cardioverted with the defibrillator. I had a dream just before she was defibrillated that she died during that defibrillation. She didn’t. I shrugged my shoulders and thought , yayy, my dream didn’t come true. She’s now had open heart surgery, and now she is being defibrillated tomorrow again. I have a gut ugly feeling she is going to die.


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