Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

Can you remember your dreams even if their little bits and pieces, your dreams are trying to tell you something.

Make it a habit before you fall asleep to say out loud or in your head “I will remember my dream and will recall in detail”.

Upon waking (whatever time you do wake up) don’t rush to open your eyes, try to stay in the dream state and lay still for a few minutes, don’t let the day rush in with all the things you have to do, just take a moment and be still.

Keep a journal beside your bed so you can write down what you remember.

Don’t just go to a dream dictionary to interpret your dreams, the best person to interpret them is yourself.

Allow your feeling and intuition to take over as you look at what you’ve been shown.

Say you see the colour green, that is a clear indication your heart needs to be open, perhaps your letting envy or greed take over,

it can also mean the relationship your in requires you to open your heart more;

it all depends on how your dream plays out, the interpretation will not be found in a book only, it will be found in your daily life and what you need to look at on all levels.

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4 thoughts on “Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

  1. Wendy flood

    My mom has been in hospital with a heart condition and had to be cardioverted with the defibrillator. I had a dream just before she was defibrillated that she died during that defibrillation. She didn’t. I shrugged my shoulders and thought , yayy, my dream didn’t come true. She’s now had open heart surgery, and now she is being defibrillated tomorrow again. I have a gut ugly feeling she is going to die.


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