Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

take into consideration that whoever is detached will more than likely remain detached not because they are a bad person,

but because that’s just who they are, they use their mind more than their heart.

This person is fair in logic and reason, intellectual in anything to do with business and work as well as day to day life.

In love relationships this person isn’t going to be all in, they won’t be able to give what you give, they will be of sound mind but not of sound heart;

just try to understand that some people are more logical than emotional and if your ok with that then move forward,

if your not ok with that then take a look at what needs to change, and if you still don’t receive the emotional support you need,

you may want to reconsider making anymore commitments.

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4 thoughts on “Free Daily Reading Sept 12 (REVEAL)

  1. Wendy flood

    My mom has been in hospital with a heart condition and had to be cardioverted with the defibrillator. I had a dream just before she was defibrillated that she died during that defibrillation. She didn’t. I shrugged my shoulders and thought , yayy, my dream didn’t come true. She’s now had open heart surgery, and now she is being defibrillated tomorrow again. I have a gut ugly feeling she is going to die.


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