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Free Daily Reading Oct 2 (Answer)


Good evening everyone and thank you for participating in today’s Spirit animal reading.

Here is today’s message pertaining to your situation:

~Raccoon~ Resourcefulness
‘You have all the resources you need.’
Have you been fussing about, worrying about this and that? Have you been creating drama and turmoil? Are you afraid that you won’t have enough for tomorrow or next week? Know, that whatever you need will be there. Trust that. There really isn’t anything to worry about. By using your intuition and brain in partnership, it will solve your problem. Poke around a bit until what you need for the situation turns up. Sometimes it’s just a hunch. Be patient if it’s not an immediate solution. Don’t jump around randomly, it’s impossible to hear your intuition or your brain. So relax. Trust that what you’ll need will turn up. xx

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