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Free Daily Reading Nov 8th (REVEAL)

Card D-

See past the moment and into the future for a minute;

where do you see yourself and what do you think is wrong with life right this very moment.

Now that you’ve done this excersize stop and take a minute to tell yourself to quit looking at all that’s wrong and start looking at everything that’s right!.

If you focus on the mountains to climb then you will feel like your climbing forever.

You must take your attention away from the negative outlooks and project it into gratitude.

To manifest anything in life we first must be happy inside ourselves and grateful for what we already have.

As soon as you redirect your focus you will begin to see the signs the universe sends to you, clues to your path unfold;

the concept of when one door closes another one opens is something you should be very aware of right now.

The solid moment your living and understand that there is destiny and fate involved,

whatever your question to the oracle today is the answer involves fate and destiny so don’t stare to long at the door that closed.



  1. Thank you – this message re-affirms what I’ve been working towards 🙂

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