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Card A-

“Yes the timing is right for this new venture a happy outcome follows your positive expectations.

“-New ideas, thoughts and even plans are in alignment with your positive energy, if you choose to move forward it will be prosperous for you.

Take into consideration what is is you truly desire and make a commitment to this.

Make sure your aligned with what you want and not just what others want, balance everyone’s needs.

When the timing is right it just doesn’t mean that it happens all right now, it means that the time line is correct and you will notice people, situations and circumstances falling into place in order to move you forward.

Don’t be afraid to truly look at what is no longer “meshing” with your energy vibration, it’s ok to remove toxic people and situations that have become negative in your life.

Be honest with what needs to be done and just do it.

When the timing is right you will know by the path that is placed before you an all the doors that open, you will feel it as truth.

For some this card indicates a whole new direction and this could be moving, taking a new job or entering into a contract of sorts.

For others it means the ideas you’ve been thinking about are acknowledged as truth and you should act upon them.

There is also the thoughts you have about people and situations that are also being acknowledged as truth and in alignment with how you have been thinking of moving forward.

What have you been thinking about lately?

What have you been wanting to do? What ideas and plans have you been making?

What epiphanies have you had regarding people and situations? …

The timing is right and you are on the right track, don’t second guess, right now your aligned with the truth on your journey.

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  1. Thank you – this message re-affirms what I’ve been working towards 🙂

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