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Card 4-

In your interactions with others you must always try to see the two sides of every story and remove yourself from jumping to conclusions or harsh judgements.

Perhaps someone is just not at the same level as you are, they are negative or even self loathing themselves, maybe you are being to negative and self loathing;

whatever is happening with communication isn’t actually because it’s one sided, it is because both sides don’t know how to see the opposite side of the coin.

Who are you having trouble communicating with lately? What would you like to say?

Perhaps saying it in a different way without having the judgement of “good” or “bad”;

the person in question may not be able to rise above their challenges or even their train of thought, emotions run high when there is too much to feel and not enough open minds.

You can help ease the tension by seeing why there is a wall up between you and another, really look at what you need to say and do but do so from your higher self.

There is also people in your life that you just don’t understand, they are here one minute and gone the next,

your guided to not try to understand their reason, but try to understand their situation and who they present themselves as.

Compassion is from the heart and it asks that you see people for who they are,

not wanting to change them, but wanting to show them what it is to be compassionate, whether they accept what you give with love is up to them,

and what you accept to give is up to you, even the most difficult people can be sent love and light from near or far.



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