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Card 1-

This card is here to remind you that not everything should become a struggle, and there is a way around even the most challenging or situations and circumstances.

You may have to do what you don’t want to in regards to dealing with people;

the truth in a loving and assertive way shall set things free.

You may not want to go a different direction when faced with a fork in the road;

but if you follow the direction that is strongest then you will surely find its the right path with the right set of circumstances.

Approach with a graceful and confident attitude, whatever you need to, whether it be a person or situation regarding love, life or career.

You may be feeling the urge to fight against what is happening, the natural reaction is to try to control the outcome or environment by ignoring or hiding from what is being asked of you.

I remember when I use to fight my journey, I wanted to move to my new home and nothin worked out, I was delayed by two years, but I eventually got here at the right time and the right set of circumstances presented themselves.

So you see, sometimes what we want isn’t able to come when we want it, sometimes what we have to do isn’t easy for us to do, but there is a silver lining and a method to the timing and all life requires is that you let go.

The outcome will happen as it should and you just need to be aware of how life is flowing for you right now, where is today taking you? What is today teaching you?

What is your soul tugging at you to listen to?

Why are you resisting?

If you can see why you resist, you can better understand what it is you need to do.

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