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The Dragonfly~ Illusion

“Know who you are.”

Did you ever feel that at some point in your life you had to change who you are to suit others or a situation? What it to protect yourself? Have you gotten lost in not knowing who you are? You know longer have to wear these masks.

It can be easy to fool yourself that these personas are who you are. You don’t need to rely on this falsity anymore. Have you played dumb to let others feel better about them selves or so they feel in control? Once you acknowledge the truth, then you can erase the illusions, and accept yourself as who you are and feel safe there. Let go of the mirage, know that the mystery is self deception. Remember that Love and Spirit is your essence. xx

~Monkey~ Ingenuity

“There are situations in your life that call for adaptability and innovation.”
Is there a situation right now that is calling for adaptation? No matter the situation you must find a way to adapt. First adjust to the situation then find creative ideas as a solution. Evaluate the situation, use your intelligence and your gut instincts.

Like swinging from tree to tree be prepared to crab the proper branch, situations will always have new factors, so plan to adjust rapidly. Know that no matter your decisions, that you are always where you are meant to be; look back and see the evidence throughout your life. Your cleverness and dexterity will not fail you. You have an amazing ability to move through life, sometimes without even recognizing the harmony and fluency. xx
Much Love

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