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~Owl~ Omens

‘Pay attention to Signs’
Pay attention to repetitive signs, you will, feel, see, around you, sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious, a newspaper, conversation with someone, a phone call, numbers, it is time to open at this time to all omens, so pay attention to all the signs. Nothing is random, even if it appears outside of you it is a response to you inner calling whether you are aware of it or not. These Omens are manifestations of Spirit’s directives, it is important to keep an open heart and mind to the cues you are receiving. Observe with all your senses, be open to the wisdom of the natural and human world; because they speak to u. OWL MEANS- WISDOM, SHADOWS, SECRECY AND MAGICIAN. Xx

~Bear~ Boundaries

‘Stand your Ground’
For you to be completely who you are and to know in your heart your true destiny; you must not only define who you are, but also who you are not. Do you find your self saying ‘yes’ to someone when you really want to say ‘no’. Do you notice that afterwards you become resentful towards that person? The Bear represents being able to say a clear yes or no with boundaries. Setting boundaries is important, it defines who your are and are not. It makes you solid. It doesn’t mean you always have to say no, just know you have the choice. Establish limits in order to accomplish your destiny. Do not give your power away to others and their opinions, do not let yourself be intimidated. Let them feel your firm, powerful, strong love let them see your full presence. THE BEAR MEANS- CREATIVITY, PROTECTION, SOLITUDE AND HEALING. xx

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