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Card 2 ~Divine Guidance~

Open your heart to love.
The guidance through this extraordinary flower image symbolises the release of fear. Love trumps all things. There is nothing to be afraid of. The golden center is symbolic to heal and expand your love energy. The many petals mean many lifetimes to live and continue to live. The angelic message is to remind you that their are special moments in life where it is time for Spiritual awakenings. These Unique moments draw you to circumstances that eventually lead you to acceptance and love and your connection to the universe. Xx

Card 1 ~Trust~ 24

Present Challenge
Acknowledge the universal love as your basis for bonding with others. This flower symbolises an inner tenacity and an outward beauty and creativity. You are being guided to trusts others as you trust the value of your worth that the universe places you in. Your intuition about other people is symbolic and as clear as the center of the flower. Trust that you are loved and held in tender regard by your angels and God. Daily meditation will help in your connection to the universe. Xx

Much love

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