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Gold Card ~Archangel Ariel~ Courage

‘Be courageous, and stand up for your beliefs.’
Are you in a situation that calls upon you to defend and protect your beliefs and convictions? Ask Ariel to protect and guide you to be a loving warrior of light. She is also known as the ‘Lioness of God’. She helps with bravery, courage, assertiveness and keeping you focused. The people around you are watching, you are a role model. You are an example to others as you live by the principles you believe in, it gives them the courage to follow there own beliefs. Ariel will help you walk with confidence and courage. Xx

Blue Card ~Fiona~ Divine Guidance

‘Now that you’ve asked the angels for help, be open to receiving Divine guidance and assistance. You deserve Heaven’s help!’
Fiona is a helper from high above. She urges you to ask for help and accept it. All you have to do is send a thought or prayer, intention of what you want. Now that you have asked for help she is very happy to assist you. You deserve the help. Now notice the repetition within your thoughts, feelings and visions. They are messages from God or higher power through me to you. Heaven supports you and asks you follow divine guidance. xx
much love

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