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Card #3 ~Fulfillment of Wishes~ 9

This card signifies a time of happiness, success, good health and accomplishments. Accept the gifts that you have strived for. This is the right time to heal those past emotional wounds and memories. Forgiveness of first yourself then other clears your mind, body and soul; opening the path for your goals and desires. Green symbolizes a loving healing energy surrounding you. The number 9 signifies accomplishments. Xx

Card #2 ~The Chariot~ 7

This card signifies determination. Do you have a goal? Hope? Focus on what it is that you want and go for it with unwavering determination. If you find yourself being blocked, look for an alternative route. Great events will draw you into the race, there are many resources around you, pay attention to your surroundings. There is much progress to be made, don’t fear the work that success demands! You are the victor! The number 7 re-affirms a spiritual inner awareness, wisdom and insight all leading to success! xx
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