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Card #3 ~The Lovers IV~

“Yearning for a Reunion”

Man and woman, we are one, we are all made from the same source. Einstein said it best; “There is only one of us here”. When we remember our true source, our connection to the universe, stars, and to each other; there is no room for fear or hate. We seek it always, yearning for connection to each other, because we see that light source within each other. Look for the truth within yourself, find the love and passion you came here with, and express it to another. Xx

Card #1 ~Prince of Swords~

“Charging into the Fray”

Do you feel the push of the wind moving you forward? Breath it in, allow it to take hold of you and take off with it! Let it take you and keep the momentum going, for victory is at hand! This exciting whirlwind urges you to keep moving forward.

Be bold, for fortune favours the brave. Carry your ideas forward, your mind is at its sharpest , seek intellectual stimulation. If you are at the opposite end of this sphere, let go of your fear. Xx
much love

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