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Card #1 ~Discontent & Boredom~ 4

Choosing this card may mean that you are experiencing discontent, stagnation and boredom. Are you feeling impatient and discontented? Are things like relationship, project or any situation not moving fast enough? If so, this will drain you emotionally and energetically. A door may be closing, change is on the way. Do not focus to much on it, you may miss the window of opportunity. Watch for messages or synchronicities to these opportunities in books, speakers, friends, workshops and new people in your life. All change is good, once accepted; new adventures are on the way! Its time to refresh and rejuvenate by searching within your heart and soul. Xx

Card #2 ~Firm Foundation~ 4

If you have chosen this card it signifies that are already building towards a solid financial foundation. Use the knowledge that you have learned in the past to achieve security. The material world around you can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. Stay positive, find 3 things to appreciate financially. Remember that wealth on all levels in dependent on your giving as well as taking. Seek professional guidance for investments. Don’t hold on to your possessions to tightly. With flexibility things will be able to flow easily and stronger financial foundations will be built. xx
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