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Card #1 ~Queen of Cups~

“The depths of the Subconscious’
Are you being overwhelmed by your emotions? Do you know what goes on deep in your subconscious? Are you afraid to know the truth about yourself? This card signifies the mystery, fear and lure of your subconscious mind. It is there that the universe listens to. Every time you perceive that something doesn’t go your way, do you hear a voice that says ‘See, nothing good ever happens for me.’ You are looking to prove that nothing good every happens to you. Turn it around and LOOK for what is absolutely wonderful right now.. It could be that you can read this post, or taste, feel… Know that you always get what the subconscious mind puts out there. So meditate, and learn to listen to your mind and have control of your destiny. Xx

Card #2 ~7 of Wands~

Choosing this card signifies that it is time to stand up for what you believe in. You have the courage and valour to do it. No more bullying or oppression. Your difficulties are going to be overcome, be aware of your fears, you can defeat them with Faith. The battle is to live courageously and to never cower from protection to which you hold dear. Be the warrior. Xx
Much love

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