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Card #1 ~The Message~ 28

‘Positive news, Positive outcome.’
Choosing this card means that good news is on its way! The wait is almost over, a time of celebration is near. This news may come from far away or from someone close to you. In any case, it is of importance for a positive outcome for you or someone close to you. All is well, what a relief. Give thanks to the universe for its many blessings. Remember that your life is held in its delicate balance surrounding you in its eternal unconditional love.
I thank the earth and stars for every blessing
I give thanks to the love that fills and surrounds me
I am loved unconditionally by a benevolent universe
My mind is full of light
My heart is forever grateful

Card #2 ~Purification~ (Fire) 14

‘Bare essentials, The naked truth, Wholeness.’
What is your hearts desire? Do you feel that something is missing in your life? Are you afraid because of what your heart is trying to tell you? No is the time to face your fears, and move forward. If something in your life is not working out and its not going to get any better until you face it. Take sometime is silence, close your eyes and imaging a warm loving glow, like a flame clearing away the fear and only leaving the pure faith and love of your Soul. Then you will feel your mind and body healing all the obstacles real or imagined. In this light you are now free to listen to what your heart is saying. Tears may roll down your cheeks as you know the truth. Trust your Soul it will lead you to happiness, all you have to do is follow it.
I listen to my heart and follow its guidance
I deserve too be happy
I have the power to create my reality
I trust that all will work out well
My life is clear of obstacles
Much love

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