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Purple card~Balance~ 11

Choosing this cards denotes that there is some possible lifestyle adjustments needed at this time. There is a need for balance and harmony in your inner life and the outside world whether in love, relationship, career or work. Pay attention to your thoughts, if you keep telling yourself ‘Nothing good ever happens to me’ then that is what you will experience in the outer world. This balance card is here to remind you to have faith, think positive thoughts, take only what you have earned, treat people fairly and live a well balanced karmic life. Before making any decision, make sure that you are well balance in the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental areas of your life. Be responsible for your choices. Xx

Gold card ~Six of Michael~

‘It’s the light at the end of the tunnel! Breathe a sigh of relief and make new plans. Relocation or travel.’
Choosing this cards means that the feelings of being stressed, agitated and, worried are now behind you. Happier times are ahead of you! The sun is shining, and a new day is here; embrace the changes and leave the past behind you, it no longer exist but in your mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, with new projects and adventures. Take a deep breathe, a sigh of relief then implement the changes you desire. Xx
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