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~Giraffe~ Foresight

‘You are able to see what is in store for the future.’
Is it easy for you to get your nose stuck to the ground and only see what is in front of you? Are you busy with so many different demands made upon you? Do you feel like you haven’t had a chance to breath? Stop and take a look around. The delusions of urgency in today’s society stops us from looking ahead for the consequences of our present actions. It is correct to live in the now, but it is equally important to see what lies ahead. Be gentle with yourself, slow down, take a look ahead of you, pause… what do you see? Look beyond what is right in front of you, and see the bigger picture. Then you can organise and plan for what you set your sights on. Xx

~Porcupine~ Innocence

‘Free yourself of guilt and shame.’
Do you feel safe? See the world through the eyes of a child, trusting your inner mother and father to always be there. Protection is always available when you need it. So feel safe to express yourself in any way you want. It’s time to shed all guilt and fears from perceived misdeeds from childhood. There is no need to be ashamed of yourself. Release yourself from guilt and shame. You are a gentle Soul. Do you feel resentful, angry or victimized towards others from the past? There is no need, be the child of God that you are; joyous, happy and free in all that you do. It’s time to dance! Xx
Much love

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