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Card #1 ~Trust~ 24

‘Acknowledge universal love as your basis for bonding with others.’
If you have chosen this card it signifies and reinforces your belief in a loving Universe, to awaken to love, and to strengthen your connection with other people, animals and plants. It is now time to offer your services to the planet. You may be experiencing a Spiritual shift, a change in consciousness and developing a stronger love for your self and others. Give your fears and insecurities to the angels, it will bring you greater clarity. Xx

Card #2 ~Expansiveness~ 3

‘Setting aside intellectual beliefs and awakening your intuitive wisdom.’
This card is asking you to expand your belief in God as you understand. Are you wondering why a loving God would let terrible things happen to innocent people? Choosing this card means it is time to expand your perception of the Divine. All events in your life are for experience, try not to judge them as good or bad. Acceptance is key. Know that God experiences through us, shines through us, love’s through us. So pay attention to the events unfolding before you because it is meant to teach you. Xx
Much love

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