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~Whale~ Soul’s Path

‘Honor your Soul’s purpose.’

Choosing the whale signifies that it is time to get moving on your soul`s path. Pay attention to the little urgings pushing you to honor the truths about who you are. You are not what anyone else thinks you are. These experiences can be subtle. This calling started long before you were born. All life is for experience, we are visitors here. We are soul`s with a body, not a body with a soul. Its not all about the ego driven wants and fears. Instead align your self in meditation with Spirit`s intent. Your soul knows why you are here. Trust it, it is rooting for you! Claim you destiny, it is yours! xx

~Dove~ Serenity

`Slow down, pause, and breath.`

Ok darling… take a deep breath… now take another… then another… Can feel what happens to your body when you do so? You need to do this when you are in turmoil. It balances you in body, mind and spirit; reminding you that all is well. Do not worry about the situation you are inquiring about. There isn’t even a need to find a solution. You can not deal with this situation from a place or fear and anxiety. Once you center yourself know that the answer for what to do or not do will come. Know that you are never alone, have faith that all circumstances become clearer once we reach a place of serenity. Serenity amongst the storm. Xx
Much love

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