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Card #1 ~Amethyst~ 41

‘Transformation, Certainty, Confidence.’
Its time to listen to your heart… No more settling. You may have been going through a transformation, do to a lot of soul searching, putting the past behind you. There is a new you emerging from this, and you can now move forward. Don’t look back. Anything is possible, be confident, set your course and go for it!
I give thanks for the transformation and healing that has taken place
I move through life with appreciation
I move through life with certainty
I move through life with confidence
I achieve my goals-what I focus on-create Xx

Card #2 ~Jewel Within A Teardrop~ 10

‘Appreciation, Spiritual & Emotional Re-connection.’
Have you been suppressing or ignoring your inner most feelings and emotions? You will soon create a strong emotional bond with a partner, friend, family member or pet that will help you to appreciate life, friendship and love. Love has and will always be within you and around you, see it and cherish it. Your love will grow stronger as your bond grows. It is so magical, enjoy and savor this special time. Love is all there really is. xx
I am one with my higher self
I am in touch and in tune with my inner most feelings
I am blessed
I am spiritually connected to those I love
I am love
Much love

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